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Control order before shipping app for Shopify

Control order before shipping for Shopify

Indeed you can save time and money by reducing the number of returns by controlling shipment orders app for Shopify.

Effectively control the preparation of customer orders before shipment through the scan, save time and optimize your logistics.

You can use a scan to optimize the preparation of customer orders and reduce the risk of preparation error.

Comment fonctionne Control order before shipping for Shopify.

Why you should control your customer orders before shipment?

Details about control order before shipping app for Shopify :

Control, check and prepare effectively customer orders before shipping and decrease risk of order preparation error:

  • You benefit from orders control before shipment feature on your site and can scan the products in your orders to ensure compliance before shipping.
  • You reduce the risk of errors in the preparation and therefore returns processing and transaction cost.
  • Operates in input keyboard mode or scan.
  • Check products is based on EAN codes, UPC or references.

Picking list app for Shopify

Picking list for Shopify

Optimise your order picking with your site using the Shopify app.

Everything you need to know about picking list app for Shopify.

Prepare customer orders efficiently

With this shopify app, simplify the preparation of customer orders before shipping with your Shopify online store.

In detail this Shopify App allows you to create order pickers and then assign them picking lists they should address next.

  • Make easy your daily logistics.
  • Optimize picking and preparation for customer orders.
  • Check the activity of your order pickers: state and historical order processing preparations.
  • Generate lists and order picking then assign it to the order pickers by various criteria.

Picking list for Shopify

Order pickers management for Shopify:

  • Access to the list of preparers with filters.
  • View preparer sheet with private notes, information and commands affected preparations.
  • Adding, deleting and changing order pickers.
  • Save options for an email alert that every preparation list created preparer receives the product list.

Picking lists management:

  • Create and delete picking lists.
  • Update the statutes of orders for which the list has been created at the closing of the preparation.
  • Generate list in PDF with snapshot sends an email to the picker.
  • Generate preparation list of products and get the right to PDF with a single click.
  • Quickly view the orders processed in the correct preparation.

Why use the Picking List feature

Simplify the task of your order pickers with Shopify Picking List / Order preparation!
An essential feature to simplify logistics management Shopify e-merchants daily.

Happy commerce is on, discover and enjoy our Shopify Apps!

Dear merchants!

After long months of work we are super super happy to announce the release of our e-commerce Shopify apps new brand Happy commerce.

We designed apps for Shopify merchants.

We wanted to offer hosted and sustainable Shopify apps, easily compatible with the most of shops, and always including more features and competitive price.
We hope you’ll find as much fun (and results) using our apps Shopify that we took to design and develop it.

And stay tuned because many apps for Shopify and new content are coming soon.

The Happy team.

Supply order receipt app for Shopify

Receiving orders for suppliers Shopify

Receive and orders from your suppliers on your site Shopify thanks to the application and improve your e-commerce website inventory management daily.

Discover the purchase orders reception functionality for Shopify.

Manage efficient supplier order receptions

Using this tenbucks feature you’re able to make purchase orders manually or receptions with a shower to improve your warehouse stock management.

The functionality allows:

  • Manage your orders, waiting, partial or complete reception.
  • Manage receiving unexpected products.
  • Manage payment dates with your suppliers.
  • Simply and efficiently receive purchase orders.
  • Automatically relaunch payments.
  • Edit an expected reception.
  • Edit your receipt reports.
  • Automatically create orders remaining on missing products.
  • Save time by scanning your products.

Manage efficient receipt order supplier for Shopify

Discover this feature Receiving supplier orders for Shopify:

  • Your suppliers controls are integrated in your stock.
  • You manage the creation and reception of your purchase orders for Shopify.
  • The feature allows the management of remnants of command automated providers.
  • Automated generation for expected orders and reception reports.

Manage your supplier orders receptions app for Shopify simply. You get a stock always updated by entering quantities of products received or scanning products with a scanner. Follow every supplier orders easily, save and print your purchase orders and reception supplier reports.

Barcode generator app for Shopify

Barcode generator for Shopify

Generate your GTIN, EAN or UPC codes efficiently and automatically, using UPC and EAN barcodes generator algorithms.

More details about Barcode generator for Shopify.

Publish your products on marketplaces

Use barcodes generator app so you can generate valid EAN or UPC barcodes to publish your product catalog on marketplaces just like Amazon or Ebay, and more. Barcode generator for Shopify will also help you optimizing your internal logistics management daily.

Generate EAN and UPC barcodes easily for your Shopify store

Discover EAN and UPC barcodes generator feature for Shopify:

  • Simplify and optimize internal logistic and inventory management.
  • Quickly generate unique barcodes for internal use or to publish products on marketplaces.
  • Generate your own EAN or UPC codes as the creation of algorithms UPC and EAN.
  • Add the GS1 prefixes to generate your own barcodes if you have reserved barcode ranges from GS1.

Generated barcodes are compatibles with marketplaces

You need to provide unique and valid barcodes to distribute your products on Marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay, Google, …).

If you are the creator of products, we recommend you book a GS1 prefix on this page:

Expeditor INET app for Shopify

Expeditor INET for Shopify

Now you can synchronize your e-commerce site with WooCommerce Expeditor software INET La Poste using the app.More details about Expeditor INET pour Shopify.Do not wait a second longer to synchronize Colissimo and customer orders from your Shopify store.Many online merchants in France ship their orders using the services of La Poste and more specifically the carrier Colissimo.In addition the Expeditor INET software by La Poste you can simplify shipment processing for your customer orders and export orders from your Shopify store to Expeditor INET and then automatically print shipping labels.Finally they’ll import tracking numbers from Expeditor INET software to Shopify.

Optimize shipping and preparing your customer orders!

This intuitive feature allows you to connect your Expeditor INET software (Software La Poste) and your Shopify software and facilitate your management of Colissimo parcel deliveries daily.Thanks to this app, you simplify your picking, you edit your tracking labels and automate the monitoring of parcels between Colissimo and your Shopify shop.

Feature Expeditor INET for Shopify:

  • Import and export data from your Shopify to La Poste (orders, contact information of your clients).
  • Generation of the export file orders in CSV format.
  • Import numbers on the packages of your orders Colissimo La Poste.
  • Change orders states to import following treatment in Expeditor INET.
  • Possibility to automatically send your customers an email with tracking number when the order is shipped.

NOTE: Editing tags, bar codes and deposit slips is via the package processing software La Poste Expeditor INet – Find more information on the Colissimo service of La Poste.

My Easy Tracking Tool app for Shopify

My Easy Tracking Tool for Shopify

Automatically associate the tracking numbers of your customer orders with Shopify using this application.

More details about My Easy Tracking Tool for Shopify.

With this app, simplify your daily management by automating order shipment tracking for Shopify and importing the tracking numbers.

The functionality helps you saving time everyday preparation and shipping of your customer orders.

Automate shipment tracking for Shopify

Check out how simple to use the feature is :

  • Updating order tracking number in one glance.
  • Import the file generated by your carrier software and / or your logistics.
  • Save time on shipping your customer orders by automating tracking of shipments.
  • Notify customers with tracking urls and tracking numbers.

What are the benefits of using My Easy Tracking Tool for Shopify?

Very easy to use this functionality allows you to make the connection between your shipping and Shopify software.
Edit your labels, simplify the preparation of your orders, track shipments and especially avoid entry errors tracking numbers or when updating the statutes of customer orders.


Happy commerce design Shopify Apps for every merchants using Shopify

By creating Happy commerce our desire was simple, to propose apps to the more merchant as possible and facilitate the exploitation of their Shopify store.
In fact we took the party making application with the most efficient and growing platform on the market.

This is truly the DNA of Happy commerce!

We are proud to offer sustainable and always numerous apps available for every Shopify online merchants.