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Opening Shopify Gates to all Fastmag’s customer!

Happy Commerce will be opening soon the Shopify’s Gates to all Fastmag Customer!

We’ll be launching the HAPPY FASTMAG app before the end of the year!

As a lot of merchants were waiting to be able to connect their favorite POS with their online store, the Whale made it possible!

As we already told you, eased the merchants business is our major goal. Despite the development of apps responding to specific merchants issues, it was essential for our team to also focus on connectors!

Bunch of efficient and relevant software is used by the majority of the merchants. And most of the time the use of this software is also a break to migrate to Shopify because of the lack of connectors…

So we make it possible for Fastmag customer!

Stay in the loop to get to know the release date of the HAPPY FASTMAG connector App!

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