Control order before shipping app for Shopify

Control order before shipping for Shopify

Indeed you can save time and money by reducing the number of returns by controlling shipment orders app for Shopify.

Effectively control the preparation of customer orders before shipment through the scan, save time and optimize your logistics.

You can use a scan to optimize the preparation of customer orders and reduce the risk of preparation error.

Comment fonctionne Control order before shipping for Shopify.

Why you should control your customer orders before shipment?

Details about control order before shipping app for Shopify :

Control, check and prepare effectively customer orders before shipping and decrease risk of order preparation error:

  • You benefit from orders control before shipment feature on your site and can scan the products in your orders to ensure compliance before shipping.
  • You reduce the risk of errors in the preparation and therefore returns processing and transaction cost.
  • Operates in input keyboard mode or scan.
  • Check products is based on EAN codes, UPC or references.
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