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The Picking management in the performances’ optimization

By September 18, 2018 No Comments

The Picking Step, performer tool needed!

A warehouse is a strategic place, no matter the business line of the company. 

Its operational principle’s optimization, as well as available resources, provide a better quality service at lower cost.

A proper management of the picking improves overall performances, provides an efficient process and avoid quite a few errors.

Depending on the size of the company, picking cost can represent up to 50% of the exploitation cost.

During the picking step, errors will be possibly made: the wrong amount of product selection, reference’s mistakes, unexpected order exchange… each error leads to return delivery, additional shipping which can be weighing on the costs.

But the element which can jeopardize the company’s sustainability is the customer satisfaction. Receiving his order within a fairly decent timeframe without any products errors contributes towards the optimization of the customer experience.

Most of those errors can be avoided thanks to a Picking App offering a relevant support to the order management by picking list creation, order by order, bulk actions, pickers support in every step, automatic Picking and delivery slip edition, records of all the picking made by each pickers, a dashboard for an overlook of your performances and different operations.

Over the past few years, we have attended a fundamental shift in the shipping industry due to the rise of the e-commerce companies.

Pure Players or Brick&Click are selling a high amount of references in small quantities and expeditiously, which leads their supplier to deliver in a short timeframe. The merchants have to adjust to that situation and find solutions to make the order process more agile without any high cost.

A good picking application should ease this evolution within the company.

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