Happy Picking Updates!!!

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Your order management app for Shopify is getting stronger!

Check out the new Happy Picking  features

Here we are!

The Happy Commerce developers just launch some new features for your favorite picking app!

Here are the new implemented tools!

  • If you need to have your own special product number that you filled in the barcode section, you will now find it in the product detail of the orders list, and on your Picking list PDF

  • For more visibility, orders refunded and voided get red!


  • Two more options on the financial status filters


  1. Without refunded orders
  2. Without canceled orders

  • Possibility to filter picking list by status

  • Search your picking list by order number or reference

If you do not have your Happy Picking App for Shopify, don’t wait for it, catch your 30 Days free trial here!!!

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