We designed this Activity Report App to automate and facilitate transmission of key information from your Shopify website.

E-commerce is always ON, this means specific needs and specific report tools to improve your online business.

Better control your business day after day even if you do not have access to your Back-Office.

Activity Report for Shopify

Activity report will helps you daily to watch and control your online business
  • Do not stress anymore since business information comes to you with a daily report.
  • Just set the App and enjoy receiving most important data from your business by email everyday and effortless.
  • Control and manage efficiently your business even if you can’t connect your back-office.
Activity Report module sum up and email you the important statistics and information from your Shopify business daily:
  • Receive email with important data and statistics everyday: sales, newsletter, carts, and more.
  • Set the time when you want to receive this email everyday.
  • Choose the information you want to receive form a list available in the setting panel.
  • Set the mail address you want to send the daily report.
  • A button allows you to send a report every time you want and need.

Verify your sending mails settings (server or extra service).

Simple and efficient, once again we thought about merchants necessary needs to design this App. We deeply think Activity Report App for Shopify will become a must-have! Sylvain BARON - Co-Founder Happy commerce


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