A must-have for all online Shopify merchants that use La Poste and Colissimo to ship their orders.

It will save you a considerable amount of time by automatically synchronizing your orders between your Shopify online store and La Poste’s INET Expeditor software.

This app is only available to merchants in France using La Poste and Expeditor Inet software.

Expeditor Inet for Shopify

In few words:

Save valuable time printing labels and shipping parcels.
Use the Expeditor INET software to export your addresses with ease.
Import your parcel tracking numbers into an optimized interface and printing labels, barcodes and deposit slips all from the same software

Increase productivity

This app lets you import/export your data to or from the software used by La Poste. Save valuable time on parcel shipping by automating your shipments.

  • Export addresses directly to prevent data entry errors.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by giving them a way to track their parcel in real time.
  • Import tracking numbers with just a few clicks.
  • Update status for every order.
Improve customer relations

Notify your customers when their parcel has been shipped. The export feature eliminates the tedious task of copying addresses, while the import function automatically fills in each parcel number.

  • Provides an easier way to enter shipping addresses.
  • Incorporates tracking numbers quickly.
  • Updates each order status after the import.
  • Filters out orders for which numbers need to be generated.
  • Significantly faster delivery, plus real-time tracking of the order picking process!

Save time and improve customer relations

Less errors with shipments. No more human mistakes from endless copy / paste operations. using this app, everything is copied correctly and respects La Poste rules and processes. Thomas BERLOT - Co-Founder Happy commerce


€ 2.99 / month

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