You’ll generate labels, simplify order picking, track your deliveries and, best of all, prevent data entry errors. Your customers enjoy deliveries with complete peace of mind.

This app let you save valuable time during order shipping management by automating your shipments. Reduce returns, thanks to the address entry tool. Next satisfied customers can track their purchase.

My Easy Tracking Tool

My Easy Tracking Tool
  • Update tracking number for orders in a flash and/or import files generated by your carriers or logistics provider’s software.
  • Save valuable time on your parcel shipping automating delivery tracking.
  • Generate customers automated notifications using carrier’s tracking URLs.
Improve customer relations
  • Updating tracking number for orders.
  • Filtering orders by carrier and status with ease.
  • Importing files from carrier’s and/or from logistics provider’s software.
  • Exporting orders with delivery informaions.
  • Updating order status while integrating tracking number.
  • Generating automated customer notifications using carrier’s tracking URLs.

This app is designed to improve customer satisfaction and helps you save critical time when preparing your orders. Generating delivery labels is a tedious task and can result in errors.

Get faster order processing.

This app includes Barcodes Generator

Numerous merchants would like to generate EAN and/or UPC codes to manage their warehouse inventory or simply prepare orders.

Many producer-merchants would also like the ability to create such codes, to have one for each of their products and be able to sell their catalogue at online marketplaces. Keep in mind that to do this, you’ll need a prefix provided by the barcode management entity (GS1).

The EAN and UPC codes must be generated in accordance with specific algorithms and compositional rules – our app complies with those standards.

If you purchased a range of EAN and/or UPC codes, the generator can be used to generate barcodes within that range based on algorithm for creating valid barcodes.


The app does not substituted to enter or import the EAN / UPC for your products whether these products have an EAN / UPC codes assigned by your suppliers and does not automatically recover the EAN / UPC any of your products.
To be validated on marketplaces, prefixes used must necessarily be unconditionally issued by GS1​.

Ease, Control and Flexibility. Your customers will like this app! They get update emails about their order delivered status and are able to track their orders step by step and finally enjoy custom delivery to adapted Their needs. Sylvain BARON - Co-Founder Happy Commerce


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