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This App allows you to streamline your customer order preparation generating order picking lists.

Whatever the size of your shop, it is always unpleasant to walk around with a list of commands, or to go back and forth because you missed a product.

Picking List for Shopify

Picking List
  • Generating order picking lists.
  • Manage and track the activities of your order pickers.
  • Save time while simplifying your logistics.
Order picker management
  • Compile a list of order pickers with multiple filters and shortcuts.
  • Add, delete or modify order pickers.
  • Display a data sheet for each picker, with private notes, information and order picking tasks assigned.
  • Log e-mail alerts so that for each picking list generated, the picker immediately receives the list of products.
Save time during picking process

Simplify the task of order pickers with the Picking List App!

Its features streamline day-to-day logistics management for e-retailers.

No matter how big your shop, wandering among stock shelves with a list of orders, or making return trips to the warehouse to find a missing product, is never pleasant.

Picking list management:
  • Create and delete order picking lists.
  • Generate a PDF-format list and e-mail it automatically to the dedicated picker.
  • Create a list of picking slips generated and convert slips to PDF format.
  • Generate delivery slips foreach order included in picking list.
  • Easy display the picking list orders processed.

You'll experience a no more order picking errors way to work and save time daily. Thomas BERLOT - Co-Founder Happy commerce


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