Manage your supplier orders with ease. Enjoy a simple method for receiving supplier orders and ensure your inventory is always up to date by entering stock received or scanning products using a scanner.

Track your supplier orders easily and save and print your purchase orders and supplier delivery receipts.

Supply Order for Shopify

Supply Order
  • Manage your supplier orders with ease.
  • Generate and receive your supplier orders, receipt notifications and delivery reports.
  • Manage supplier backorders automatically.
A simple method for receiving supplier orders.

Manage suppliers, supply orders , pending orders, backorders, and partially or completely filled orders:

  • Manage reception of unordered products.
  • Manage your supplier payment dates.
  • Restart payments automatically.
  • Print a receipt notification.
  • Print your delivery reports.
  • Create backorders automatically for missing products.
  • Save time by scanning your products.
A complete order supplier solution

This app allows you to:

  • Integrate your supplier orders in full.
  • Generate receipt notifications.
  • Generate delivery reports.
  • Manage partial or incomplete orders by generating backorders automatically.
  • Record deliveries of merchandise and update inventory levels accordingly.
  • Manually enter or scan the products received for each supplier order.
  • App can be used manually and/or with a scanner for quick scanning of the products received.

Save time and improve supplier relations and fulfillment. Sylvain BARON - Co-Founder Happy commerce


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