Happy Picking Release!!!

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The Apps you need to perfectly handle the first logistic step of the order process.

Happy Picking is:

  • A dashboard displaying an overview of the number of unfulfilled orders, paid orders, picked orders and unpicked orders.
  • Three sections to manage your picking (Order/Product to prepare, My picking list, Order picker)
  • The possibility to manage your picking either by orders or products!

We put, just for you, some relevant dynamic filters to let you manage your orders as you wish:

  • Financial filter ( paid, pending, partially refunded)
  • Fulfillment Status filter ( partial and unfulfilled) 
  • Date Received filter!

For each of your order you’ll have the view of the detail of the quantity to fulfill with your product reference and SKU, the quantity fulfilled, and the level of your stock.

When you’ll create a picking list you’ll be able to link it to a picker, and automatically send him the generated PDF, where he’ll find the product picture, the name, the SKU, the quantity to fulfill, and the order number.

On top of all those amazing functionalities, you’ll be able to edit your delivery slip in one click!

We develop our Apps to be fast and easy to handle, with a smooth and intuitive interface. Fully developed within the Shopify standard and design for an ultimate user experience.

Save time and money by optimizing your process, increasing your productivity and avoiding picking error.

Try it for free now!

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