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Connectors, opening the Shopify’s Gate to the Merchants.

By October 22, 2018 No Comments

Connectors tool needed!

Shopify appears to be the ultimate solution for those who want to grow over the internet.

Here in Happy Commerce, we want to open the gate of Shopify for all the merchants.


How to get there?


-Analyze the most relevant solutions in the different segments

-Building a strong relationship with those solutions’ editors

-Establish a partnership to provide a smooth and efficient service

-Developing connectors within a strong technology

Many of the e-commerce entrepreneurs are using different software to increase their market share, their productivity or their users’ experience.

But some of the merchants are stuck in their actual CMS… They want to migrate to Shopify, but there’s a lack of connector to ease the migration.

Let’s take some of the big boys in the market, like Fastmag, C-Discount, or Brainify.

We have here some of the biggest in the place, Fastmag for the POS, C-discount for the marketplace and Brainify for the e-commerce performance center. Those three actors appear to be some of the best partners for the merchants.

But actually without any connectors hard to go further in the Shopify adventure.

With the growth of Shopify all over the world more and more, merchants want to migrate to this SaaS solution by keeping their favorite partners for Pos, marketplace, marketing, analysis, and more.

Our goal is to ease the merchants’ entrepreneur’s life, that’s why the whole Happy Commerce team is working on the connectors segment to provide the possibility to migrate to the actual most relevant SaaS solution which is Shopify.

Stay tuned, ‘cause the Whale will open the Shopify’s Gate just for you!

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